First we want to thank our suppliers, they delight us with products that will giving you the power to overcome the daily task at your best and amplified all your positiveness!

The last one, is of course yourself, you have the power to make all this possible. So a huge thank to you too!

Now, we are extremely committed to providing you, not just the bet product, but also the best experience that you deserve!

After being in the commercial sector for several years we decided to introduce our products to the public market as well.

While still maintaining the professional knowledge, we implemented even more speed and reliability in the costumer service and delivery areas.

Also, we became more flexible than ever, giving us the ability to make fast decision. Which is vital for resolving problems and taking action!

We left below a small description of our main suppliers for you to read that will help you understand the quality of our products.



Artisan coffee roaster company in Venice (Italy), who works directly with coffee farmers. It is still roast his beans using the traditional Venetian method, which consist in slowly medium roast the premium origin, producing the most balanced and full flavoured coffee we ever tasted.



Situated in a small town near the Italian Alps, They producing the richest hot chocolate! If you have ever been there you probably tasted the amazingly thick hot chocolate that warms up your coldest day, and if you are not, don’t worry, we brought it here for you.