What’s the point in having a business relationship if, when you need, you feel abandoned?


I bet you would like a range of unique products that help you stand out from your neighbours.

However, I’m sure that the thing you are looking for is a long lasting relationship and a “full package”, that includes training and servicing.

It is the combination of these 3 aspects that ultimately will increase the value of your service for your customers.

We will choose together the right products that will meet exactly your needs, so you will be 100% confident of delivering to your customers the best experience possible.


Training, Services and Repairs

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TIP to improve immediately your result

I’m going to give you now an important tip that will reveal better your coffee aroma: keep your group head clean from the inside!

You just need to do this once a week using Pulycaff powder + Blind filter:

- Swap the filter in one of your handles with the blind filter

- Pour half tablespoon of PulyCaff inside the blind filter

- Position the handle in the group head

- Press the single espresso + continuous buttons to activate the automatic cleaning program.

- Remove the handle, rinse and activate the cleaning program again without Powder

Manual procedure (if your machine doesn’t have an automatic cleaning programme):

- Press the continuous button and repress it after 10 seconds to stop

- Wait 5 second

- repeat points 1 and 2 for 5 times

As you are already cleaning the group head, it is worthwhile cleaning the handles too:

- Remove the filter from all the handles

- Place handles and filters in a container

- Fill the container with hot water leaving the plastic parts of the handle above the water

- Drop a tablespoon of PulyCaff powder and leave it for 15 minutes

- Rinse the handles very carefully.

Note: Be very careful in rinsing everything that the PulyCaff powder has being in contact with. And to be 100% sure, the first time you are making a coffee, throw it away.

I hope you find this tip helpful.

Feel free to share it with anyone you may think can benefit from it

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